Fall 2019


Have you ever wanted to be a part of the solution for issues in your community? Have you ever had an idea to solve those issues? GiveBackHack is your next step. Attend to partner up with the community and find the resources to make ideas into a reality.

Friday, passionate community members (that’s you!) pitch innovative ideas to solve the most pressing social issues in Cleveland. Saturday, participants form teams and build upon ideas for a sustainable, technology-based business. Sunday night, teams will pitch to a panel of judges for the opportunity to earn funding, mentorship and other resources to move forward with their solution.

Your ticket for the weekend includes:

  • Meals all weekend
  • GiveBackHack t-shirt
  • Surprises and swag from our sponsors and community partners
  • Mentorship by local social entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, venture capitalists, tech execs and more
  • An opportunity to change your community for the better.
Exact dates are being confirmed. Expect an update soon!

Judges & Mentors

The list of mentors and judges will be added soon!

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Event Sponsors


Feras Deiratany is an Application Programmer at Progressive Insurance in Cleveland, with a Computer Science and Engineering degree from The Ohio State University. He is a member of the Cleveland Hub of the Global Shapers community, an international initiative of the World Economic Forum. His first participation in GiveBackHack sparked his interest in the event when he saw the impact it created within ... Read More »

Daoning Zhou's passion is in elevating businesses through aligning the business's strategy, processes, and people. He believes that as a tool, business and innovation can be harnessed to create a better world. He has three principles to social innovation: start with why; lead with people; and support with data.

Peter Grapentien is an iOS and Android developer for Progressive Insurance. Before picking up coding as a career, he taught English as a Second Language at Kent State and worked for various nonprofits including the now deceased Flyover Country Review magazine. As a former attendee of GiveBackHack in 2017, Pete’s excited to contribute to this year’s GBH and hopefully make it the best one yet.

Joshua Su takes social good seriously, as that is his motivation in everything that he does. Coming from Wesleyan University, where he launched a non-profit for diversity and inclusion in tech and entrepreneurship, he balances the intricacies of data, health, and innovation passionately. Joshua has a background in non-profit finance, data analytics, and health. In his downtime, you might see him playing ... Read More »

Anastasia Rokisky is a Business Systems Analyst at The Riverside Company with an education in biochemistry and linguistics. She is a member of the World Economic Forum's community of Global Shapers here in Cleveland and a research assistant for TimeZero Enterprises (a local consultancy which views enterprises as "emerging flourishing ecosystems.") She's a systems-thinker that subscribes to the notion ... Read More »

In the 6-7 years of his professional career, Sid has been involved with two start-ups, a traditional manufacturing business, a tech-based MNC, and a non-profit. By observing and absorbing different dynamics in the workforce, he aims to fulfill any project through immense versatility.

Alex is a Financial Analyst at Cardinal Health.  Outside of her day job, you can find her running or biking in the Cleveland Metroparks or teaching exercise classes in the community.  Alex’s passion for social impact led her to help organize as well as participate in GiveBackHack in Columbus in 2018, and she is excited to help organize GiveBackHack in Cleveland this year!

Michael is an iOS Developer at Sherwin-Williams. He is passionate about making technology more accessible to both those who consume as well as build it. Outside of work, Michael participates in and helps organize various tech meetups in the Cleveland area.

Robert is a Mobile Developer at Progressive Insurance. Outside of work, Robert finds joy producing music or traveling to new places. Robert first participated in GiveBackHack Cleveland 2017, returned for 2018, and now helping organize GiveBackHack Cleveland this year!

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