It all starts with an incredible event that brings together passionate community members to develop sustainable solutions to our most pressing social issues.

Bring Your Perspective

Have an idea? Come ready to share, or submit a partially-vetted idea ahead of time.

Don’t have an idea? No worries. Bring your expertise and work ethic.

Pitch Your Idea

Share your idea and get inspired by 50+ other ideas.

Teams will form around the top ideas pitched on Friday night.

Join a Team

Was your idea one of the top voted? Rally a team around it!

Or, join another team forming around an idea you’re energized by.

Learn GiveBackHack Methodologies

Use Design Thinking and Lean Startup principles to make iterative and informed decisions.

Build Your Solution

Spend most of the week building with your team.

Teams will do user validation, develop a business model, and create a minimally viable product (MVP).

Pitch to Judges

On Sunday evening, teams will pitch what they built to the community and judges.

Judges will decide which ideas receive funding and in-kind resources to move forward.

Move Forward With Your Team

Got funding? Congrats! Keep making progress.

Didn’t receive funding? There are still great resources and opportunities to help you continue on.

Join the Community

Resources, connections, and an alumni community will help you get to the next level, whether it’s an accelerator, more funding, pursuing a new social impact idea, or getting involved.