GiveBackHack Columbus 2019 Update: Renter Mentor Launches service line to list and find affordable housing.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Dec. 09, 2020 – As Renter Mentor prepares to launch its new multi-listing platform, a central number has been established for landlords and residents of the city of Columbus to call to list and find affordable housing along with other supportive services.

Starting, today, landlords looking to list available properties and connect with potential tenants associated with local and federal rental assistance programs should call (614)484-0931. Calls will be answered Monday-Friday from 9AM – 5PM and voicemails can be left after hours with a 24-48-hour callback time.  There is no cost associated to utilize this line.

Residents looking to move or planning to move who are associated with a local or federal rental assistance program can call to notify the service line what type of program they are associated with along with their housing search criteria and budget to be connected to a potential match listing and landlord in the system.   

Renter Mentor founder, Jerry Valentine

“With a 54,000+ unit city deficit of affordable housing and COVID-19 pandemic induced hardships emerging, the number was established to align help with city and county efforts to preserve and increase the availability of decent, safe, and affordable housing,” said Jerry Valentine, Founder & CEO of the early-stage social enterprise tech company. 

As of right now the only way to find out general and compliance information for the majority of these rental assistance programs is to deal with these agencies directly and that is just not the most efficient way as most of these agencies are burden with heavy call volumes and limited staff capacity.

 “Our housing agencies and homeless shelters have needed a better way to expand landlord-tenant education and outreach as well as communicate local housing resources for years now,” Valentine says, “this is step one in our efforts to help centralize the affordable housing system for better outcomes for all parties involved.” 

Renter Mentor will refine the service line as needed while working to pair it with their tech platform in the upcoming weeks.

About Renter Mentor:

Renter Mentor is a social enterprise tech company that helps connect people to affordable housing. The company serves as a platform that provides a secure, centralized, and automated way to list, manage, and find affordable housing – while assisting landlords and tenants through housing processes and providing them access to supportive services.

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