4 Steps for Crafting a Compelling Elevator Pitch

One thing we know at GiveBackHack is that ideas need an audience to become a reality. Our goal is to provide individuals seeking to impact the issues that affect their community with both the platform and resources they need to bring their idea to life.

The first step to actualizing your idea is communicating it to GiveBackHack participants through an elevator pitch, or a 60-second overview of your idea. The main goals of an elevator pitch are to quickly and concisely communicate your idea, spark interest in it and persuade your audience to believe in the efficacy of your idea.

Remember that your audience includes potential team members, investors and others with the resources you need to build your vision. You really want to sell your idea to your audience to ensure you’ll have enough support to move forward later on!

How to Craft an Elevator Pitch

When crafting your pitch, be sure to think about what makes your idea unique, innovative and impactful and find a compelling way to deliver that message. Most important of all, let your enthusiasm and passion shine through in your pitch. If your idea doesn’t get you motivated and excited, how can you expect your audience to feel the same?

Keep in mind that an elevator pitch is only 60 seconds long. If you had just a moment in an elevator with someone to tell them why they should invest in your idea and believe in you, what would you say to best convey your mission? Keep this goal in mind as you craft your pitch.

The elevator pitch should cover these 4 key topics:

1. Introduction: (10 seconds) Tell the audience who you are and why you’re best positioned to tackle the problem with your idea. What is your background and what sort of expertise do you have on the issue?

2. Problem: (20 seconds) Talk about the issue itself. whether it’s racial inequity, youth homelessness, or the gender wage gap, build some context around the issue you’re addressing.

3. Solution: (20 seconds) Explain your idea. How are you going to tackle the problem at hand? How is this solution unique? Make sure you demonstrate how your idea can and will solve the problem.

4. Needs: (10 seconds) Talk about who and what you need to hit the ground running. Do you need designers, developers and/or non-profit experts? Or maybe just hustlers that are willing to help you bring your idea to life. Whatever you need, end by giving a call to action on what the next steps are for you and your idea.

Once you have your pitch planned, prepared and practiced, grab a camera (and maybe a friend!) to record it. Then, you can upload your video to your preferred hosting site (Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) and share the link with us when you submit your idea. Last but not least, tell the world about your idea! #GBHGlobal