Idea Submission GiveBackHack 2020

Impact Hack Submitted by Harley Blakeman

What is the problem are you solving?

Connecting high-skilled people (law, business, technology) with remote, pro-bono consulting projects that help solve the social issues they care about most.

How will this idea solve the problem?

Impact Hack will act as a host for projects and act as a Project Manager. Organizations can give us projects and based on the social issue that the organization is addressing, we will reach out to our Hackers (consultants) who have the skills needed and more importantly, have the passion to volunteer on the project.

Is this idea brand new or has it been partially-vetted?


How you have vetted your idea and the success or difficulties you have seen thus far?

I have a landing page ( and about a dozen people have pre-registered.

Why are YOU uniquely positioned to solve the problem? What other people do you need to help?

I run a semi-successful tech startup. I have strong knowledge of building MVP's, collecting customer feedback, product management, and identifying business models that work.