May 18-19, 2024
National Sun Yat-Sen University

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GiveBackHack is teaming up with Fulbright International and National Sun-Yat-Sen University for a special event. We’re mixing entrepreneurship, creative problem-solving (Design Thinking), and the UN’s goals for a sustainable future (SDGs) into one exciting challenge.

What’s Happening?

  • Meet Innovators: Connect with people from all over who want to make a difference through tech and good ideas.
  • Learn Design Thinking: Join workshops to learn how to solve big problems in new ways. It’s okay if you’re new to this!
  • Focus on Global Goals: We’ll explore how your ideas can help make the world a better place, based on the UN’s 17 goals.

Who Should Join?

Everyone is welcome! Whether you’re full of ideas, love technology, interested to learn about entrepreneurship or just want to help solve big problems, this event is for you.

Why Come?

This challenge is your chance to show your ideas and work with others who care about making a difference. It’s a great opportunity to learn, share, and be part of a community working towards a better future.

Event Details:

  • Date: May 18-19, 2024
  • Location: National Sun-Yat-Sen University
  • Sign Up: Register now to join us in making a difference.

Don’t miss this chance to learn, share, and help create a better world. See you there!


Who are our partners?

GiveBackHack: GiveBackHack is a launchpad for social innovation. GiveBackHack is the expert in social enterprise experiential education with a decade of experience.

National Sun Yat-Sen University:

Fulbright Foreign Student Program:

Judges & Mentors

The list of mentors and judges will be added soon!

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Shanvanth Rayal Arnipalli was a student-athlete on the fencing team and earned his bachelor’s in environmental science from The Ohio State University. He is a published research scientist in biomedical human nutrition and developmental psychology, an entrepreneur who has worked in the start-up space, and a Fulbright scholar teaching English in Taiwan. His experiences taught him that knowledge is the ... Read More »

Emily brings a background in Social Enterprise, Design Thinking, and Facilitation. She is currently a ForImpact Fellow within The Suddes Group, where she works to change the story of the nonprofit sector by coaching national nonprofits and social enterprises. Previously she has served as a Columbus Foundation Fellow at Besa Community and Innovation Consultant with Honda at Ohio State University.

The ebullient Suzy Bureau (as she was referred to in TechCrunch) is dedicated to building impactful communities & products. Suzy is the Founder of GiveBackHack, an organization that helps bridge the gap between tech & social impact communities through the integration of Lean Startup/Design Thinking. GiveBackHack comes to life via a volunteer-based team of 50+ and has helped vet over 100 social ... Read More »