August 19, 2023

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Events / GiveBackLabs: Tech for Impact – AI & ML


Columbus Code and Coffee is an inclusive, informal co-working session. People of all skill levels attend, and we love it that way. Many people (optionally) bring projects to work on, and many other people (optionally) socialize the entire time. It’s entirely up to you!

This week, in addition to our typical format, we are co-hosting GiveBackLabs: Tech for Impact – AI & ML in two of our breakout rooms.

Our friends at GiveBackHack will be hosting the following conversations:

1- A roundtable for social entrepreneurs to learn about how existing tools can be leveraged to streamline, optimize, and expedite your workflow and enable you to move further, faster.

2- A hack-style table for those curious about building AI tools to make the world a better place.

Who is this for?

Anyone interested in learning more about how the alphabet soup of AI/ML/LLM can fuel advances to social impact. You might be an entrepreneur who has never used ChatGPT, you might be building ML-driven tools yourself, or you might be someone who just cares about new solutions to important problems.

If you get excited about ideating, building, designing, and collaborating, this is for you – regardless of your current skill set.


Saturday August 19

Doors Open
Intro Circle
Breakout Rooms Open
Wrap Up

Judges & Mentors

The list of mentors and judges will be added soon!

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