September 10-12, 2021

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DON’T MISS this energy-packed weekend of Social Impact, Skills-building & Experiential Learning in Columbus with other college students.

Have you ever had an idea to solve an issue in your community? “It all starts with an incredible event that brings together passionate community members to develop sustainable solutions to our most pressing social issues.” GiveBackHack

This event is open to students currently attending any College or University.

You’re invited to come together for an energy-packed weekend of hands-on learning in entrepreneurship & business where real projects are born and have the ability to move forward.

Overview: The event will kick off Friday night, where students of all backgrounds who are eager to make an impact will meet and exchange ideas. The crowd favorites will be identified and teams will form around them. Participants will then spend the weekend mentored by top social entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, venture capitalists, and prominent business professionals as they vet their ideas and build them into real products – physical products, smartphone applications, websites and anything else that will innovate on the issues we face in the community.

Why should you attend?

  • You’ll make an impact on the community by working to solve top social issues we face through innovation.
  • You’ll learn a lot about social issues, how to bring an idea into a well-vetted reality and how to physically build something amazing.
  • You’ll meet an amazing community of motivated people – people who will work with you and change the world.
  • Most importantly, you’ll walk away with skills and an experience that can be added to your resume, and your list of accomplishments.

What do you need? A passion to make an impact. Nothing else. You don’t need an idea or a specific background in order to attend. You just need to come ready to work hard to solve problems.

If you DO have an idea to make an impact – awesome. You’ll pitch that and get the chance to get talented people to work with you to make it a reality.


Who can attend?

Any current college or university student.


Friday - September 10th

Doors Open
Program Starts
Program Ends

Saturday - September 11th

Doors Open
Community Huddle
Community Huddle
Doors Close

Sunday - September 12th

Doors Open
PItch Mentors
Tech Check
Final Pitches Begin

Judges & Mentors

The list of mentors and judges will be added soon!

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Emily is a Design Thinking practitioner by day and a Social Innovation enthusiast by night. She spends her time building the social impact launchpad at GiveBackHack, coaching social entrepreneurs, and empowering communities through Design Thinking facilitation. She is passionate about leveraging systems thinking to build sustainable social solutions, creating true social impact in our communities. Previously ... Read More »