GiveBackHack Powered by Denison Edge – Coming to Students this Fall!

Have you ever walked away from a GiveBackHack signature event thinking, “Man, that was awesome! Same time next week?”

As a bunch of energetic folks who love to empower communities to find their spark and fire it up, maybe it’s just us. But our signature community event is something very near and dear to us: something we wish we could do multiple times a year!

And we may have just figured out a way to do that.

If you’ve been to our blog recently, you probably saw that GiveBackHack is expanding in two big ways: first, we’re now offering paid facilitation services, events, and workshops to help us be sustainable (i.e. make money!). Second, we have our very own program manager, Emily Stuhldreher, at the helm of all of this home improvement hustle and bustle. So, if you happen to see her, give her a high-five (or even a hug), ‘cause she’s been doing some serious leg work for us these days.

Now that we’ve got a dedicated employee who lives and breathes GiveBackHack, we’ve got more exciting news: We’re partnering with Denison Edge to bring an energy-packed weekend of social impact, skills-building and experiential learning to college students in Downtown Columbus.

Yeah, you heard that right. That means we’re putting on TWO GiveBackHack events this year, with this one specifically designed to help college students get hands-on learning experience with social entrepreneurship, community issues, idea validation and more.

We’re kicking off this special event on Friday, September 10. And if you know anything about GiveBackHack, you already know the drill:

  1. Friday night, students will meet and exchange their ideas for social impact. Teams will then form around the crowd favorites.
  2. Teams spend the rest of the weekend mentored by community leaders as they vet their ideas and build them into real products.
  3. On Sunday evening, teams will pitch their final presentation to a panel of judges and have the opportunity to take their ideas further, all while gaining invaluable connections, resources and skills for their resumes.

Sounds like a blast, right? This GiveBackHack event is now open to students currently enrolled in any college or university. Our event page is live, so if you’re reading this (and you’re a student!) you can head on over there to learn more and grab your tickets!

If your college days are behind you, fear not, GiveBackHack will return with its signature community event live and in-person this October. As our raison d’etre, this event will always be at our side as we explore new ways to improve and make a meaningful impact.

And we hope you’ll be right there with us, too!

About Denison Edge

Denison Edge is a new, innovative career readiness space located in downtown Columbus, Ohio. An extension of the college’s Austin E. Knowlton Center, Launch Lab brings together ed-tech firms, academics, entrepreneurs, and enterprises of all sorts to continuously develop the next generation of career preparation, exploration, and launch programs,and to provide students with a dynamic and interactive setting to explore their strengths, bridge their major to career options, and immerse themselves in workplace culture and skills building.