Four Years of Crimson Cup at GiveBackHack!

Developing creative solutions for important social issues isn’t easy. It takes focus, critical thinking, logic, and the motivation to keep going, despite the long hours and obstacles encountered along the way. As such, the attendees of Columbus’ annual GiveBackHack event always appreciate a bit of a caffeine boost to keep their minds sharp.

Enter Crimson Cup. For the 4th year in a row, this locally owned business will be donating coffee, tea, and alcohol-free coffee cocktails to the GiveBackHack event, helping the attendees stay alert and fixated on the goal at hand during the weekend-long session.

Supporting the entrepreneurial spirit is part of Crimson Cup’s core identity. On top of importing the best ingredients from around the world and continually developing new experimental drinks, Crimson Cup also helps hundreds of independent coffee shops across the country to better serve their customers and maintain a successful business.

“It has been awesome for Crimson Cup to caffeinate entrepreneurial minds during GiveBackHack for the past four years,” said Melissa Rogner, VP of Marketing. “With a passion for giving back and having fun, supporting community events that have the same goals in mind just makes it an easy partnership for us. We are proud to partner with this organization committed to bringing social innovation to Columbus since sharing Coffee and Tea innovation in Columbus has been our continued passion. We look forward to great times innovating together for years to come.”

Crimson Cup refers to themselves as Coffee For Independent Thinkers®, and at this year’s GiveBackHack in Columbus, that’s exactly who they’ll be benefitting.

For more about Crimson Cup and their unique story, be sure to visit their official website.