October 1-9, 2021


In light of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic and rapidly changing public health recommendations, we are not ready to commit to a fully in-person or fully virtual event for 2021. What we are ready to commit to is bringing you a high-powered launchpad for community impact in October of 2021. We hope to play rock paper scissors, co-work, and post-it note together in person this year, but it’s just too soon to tell. Hold your calendar for these dates and stay up to date with our 2021 event announcements by joining our email list and following us on social media (@GiveBackHack).

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Have you ever had an idea to solve an issue in our community? GiveBackHack is the next step. Attend to partner up with the community and find the resources to make that idea a reality.

The event will kick off Friday night, where community members of all backgrounds who are eager to make an impact on the city around them will meet and exchange ideas. The crowd favorites will be identified and teams will form around them. Participants will then spend the weekend mentored by top social entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, venture capitalists, and prominent business professionals as they vet their ideas and build them into real products – physical products, smartphone applications, websites and anything else that will innovate on the issues we face in Columbus.

Who attends? Engaged citizens, designers, developers, non-profit leaders, business men/women, entrepreneurs, changemakers and more.

What do I need? A passion to make an impact on the community. Nothing else. You don’t need an idea or a specific background in order to attend. You just need to come ready to work hard to solve problems.

If you do have an idea to make an impact – awesome. You’ll pitch that and get the chance to get talented people to work with you to make it a reality.

Why should I attend? The reasons are endless, but here are just a few:– You’ll make an impact on your community by working to solve to top social issues we face through innovation.– You’ll learn a lot about social issues, how to bring an idea into a well-vetted reality and how to physically build something amazing. You’ll meet an amazing community of motivated people  – people who will work with you and change the world.

Want to attend, but can’t afford a ticket? Email to apply for financial aid.

Judges & Mentors

The list of mentors and judges will be added soon!

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